Propellor clock

Eight leds on a string powered with a VCR head motor.


Powerled Domotica

Domotica system RGB, warm white power leds and curtain controller.


Shaker 100

Special designed for the Mustang S197 stock amplifier replacement. A 100 Watt RMS single channel amplifier.



A mirror reflects the sun into my living room as daylight lamp.


5 Channel car amplifier

A modulair 5 hexfet amplifier build in 1994

My homebuilt amplifier output 5* 120 watt.RMS I used parts of an old IBM 8595 pc power supply. This was made with Tango PCB in DOS. The circuit boards are singele sided. Schematics were hand written.
Some technical info:
  • Power converter 12 to +38 and -38 volt 700 watt separated ground
  • Switching powersupply using twelve BUZ11 FET's
  • Primary current up to 60 ampere buffered with 500.000uF.
  • 5 amplifiers using IRF540/ IRF9540 output 35Volt Peak@4Ohm (25V RMS)
  • secondary output using a total of 54.000uF elco's
  • protection circuit for dc output, low 12V, low secondary voltage and temperature
  • pc-xt slots for the amplifier
  • build in high pass and low pass filter

Old analog photography

Here are some pictures of the building:
handwritten schematic

The first steps

car power supply
The high freqency (200KHz) ferrite trafo, the chasis is a IBM powersupply 8595

car power supply
Detail of powersupply.

5 hexfet amplifiers
Five amplifier with heat sink

5 hexfet amplifiers
Complete test
Kenwood subwoofer
15" Kenwood sub installed in car, 1992 Mazda

Making a circuit board

car battery
Testing the PSU, the test costs more than 48 BUZ11 they're live. To feed enough power a lead battery was used
hexfet amplifier
The hexfet amplifier

hexfet amlifier on slots
Amplifiers on the XT connectors

drain of the BUZ11
The drain of the powerfet's