Shaker 100

Special designed for the Mustang S197 stock amplifier replacement. A 100 Watt RMS single channel amplifier.



A mirror reflects the sun into my living room as daylight lamp.


Propellor clock

Eight leds on a string powered with a VCR head motor.


Powerled Domotica

Domotica system RGB, warm white power leds and curtain controller.


Smart home automation

Home controller

  • Measurement of Solar, Electricity, Gas and Water
  • Four Alarm zones
  • Microchip MiWi
  • MP3 decoder and class-D amplifier for for door bel and sound effects
  • Battery backup with charger and load tester
  • CAN 2.0b interface
  • Microchip PIC18F66K80 STA013 MAX9768 MRF24J40MA N25Q032A13ESC40G
Circuit board

Mood lighting project

  • Powerled 6 Watt (300mA.19V) 2700K Bridgelux BXRB-27E0540-A-00
  • Poweled RGB Luxeon Rebel Tri-Star from
  • Only a 2-wire 24V powered communication bus.
  • Curtain control on the same bus.
  • Schematics available see below.
Bridgelux in GU10

Here Bridgelux 6 Watt powerleds replaces 50 Watt GU10 halogen, the fourth one is a RGB Tri-Star led.

Tri-Star LED's Luxeon Rebel

All units are can be controlled seperatly.

Tri-Star LED's Luxeon Rebel

A 2 lamp unit.


Detail of powerled.

Replace the 150 Watt halogen.

The 150W halogen tube is replaced by 3 Bridgelux BXRB-27E0540-A-00 and one Luxeon Tri-Star led. Lots of aluminium was needed to stay below the maximum of 70ºC
Bridgelux in GU10

Three Bridgelux 6 Watt powerleds replaces 150 Watt halogen.

LED heatsink

Detail of the powerleds on heatsink.


The Tri-Star LED's Luxeon Rebel.

Curtain automation

The curtain controller is on the same 24V bus where the led´s are connected to. The controller open and closes the cuntrains on time, it has a table with the sunset time of each week.
Curtain motor

A motor of a drill machine and gear box.

Curtain gearbox

Motor and stopping sensor. The wire is plastic coated.

System electronics.

The central processor unit. The software is upgradable by bootloader on RS232 The CAN 2.0b is used to comminicate with the embedded web site.
Led controller

The central processor and a 200W switching power supply.

PIC18F2680 controller

The central processor unit using a PIC18F2680 controls two 24 volt H-Bridges. The polairity is the communication to the led boards. Same system is used in model railroad. Each led and curtain controller has a unique adress


The circiuit board of the LED controller. a PIC16F688 using software PWM and 3 MAX16832 current regulators. This regulates the 24V bus system to a 0..700mA output.

curtain pcb

Motor controller PIC16F690 and H-bridge mounted under the pcb. The motor is stopped on end, time, or maximum current.

Electronic details.

Here the PDF of the electronic scheme's made in Eagle