Propellor clock

Eight leds on a string powered with a VCR head motor.


Powerled Domotica

Domotica system RGB, warm white power leds and curtain controller.


Shaker 100

Special designed for the Mustang S197 stock amplifier replacement. A 100 Watt RMS single channel amplifier.



A mirror reflects the sun into my living room as daylight lamp.


Energy display

A LCD display shows the used and produced energy.

This is a double LCD display and it shows the electric energy consumption and production from the solar panals.
Energy display
  • Left the consumption, 510W this minute. Right the production 12W this minute
  • Switches on the rear to toggle from hour-day-month bars.
  • Battery powered LCD, charger included.
  • Wireless data link, update every minute.
Energy pcb

The rear side of the display.
Energy pcb

Circuit board with PIC18F252, Max710 power supply, Max712 battery charger, and 433mhz receiver Schematics here


The ADE7755: Single Phase Energy Metering IC's generate pulses and they are counted with a PIC and stored in a eeprom, a 433mhz data link sends the data to the Energy Displays.
LEM current sensor

Energy measurement of the incoming 4mm wire in the house, the solar panal group runs backward thru the LEM so it's not measured. Schematics here
ADE7755 energy measurement    

The measurement of the solar group with series resistor 0.005E Schematics here A capacitive power supply is used so to transformer is needed.