Propellor clock

Eight leds on a string powered with a VCR head motor.


Powerled Domotica

Domotica system RGB, warm white power leds and curtain controller.


Shaker 100

Special designed for the Mustang S197 stock amplifier replacement. A 100 Watt RMS single channel amplifier.



A mirror reflects the sun into my living room as daylight lamp.


Shaker 100 DIY

Replace the original mustang shaker 500/ shaker 1000

My 2006 Ford Mustang S197 has an option for a 500 or 1000 Watt audio system. My car did not came with one. Now you can build a standard amplifier in the trunc but above the cluch is a space for two single channel ampliefier. So I made 4 custom 100 Watt RMS amplifiers. 2 for the front woofers in the doors and 2 for a dual coil sub in the trunc.

Original equipment.

Shaker 500 radio, Shaker 500 front amplifier, Shaker1000 woofers.

Shaker 500 rear

Rear of the Shaker 500 radio.

Mustang trunc woofer
Shaker 1000 trunc woofer.

Shaker 500 internal

Internals of the Shaker 500 front amplifier.NXP TDA8566Q 2*40W @ 2 ohm

Original front S197
Door woofer dual coil 1.2 ohm 60Watt

My Shaker 100 amplifier

The amplifier i designed is a single 100 watt rms with 250Hz lowpass. It fits the mounting points above the clutch. Schematics here.
My other car power supplies are pwm regulated this one is fixed just like every commercial ones. The advantage is less spikes and no need for a flyback coil. The disadvantage is of course the load dependent output voltage and no compensation for cable losses. Installed in the mustang.
  • ETD39 transformer 5:11 with 4 parallel wires. Ferrite:3C90.
  • Galvanic isolation between power and signal ground.
  • Low input voltage protection 10.4V
  • 43Khz push pull transformer, by running 50% no flyback coil is needed and less spikes on the drain.
  • selectable 250Hz low pass filter, with volume control.
  • TDA7294 full protected amplifier.

Shaker 500 DIY

My board with powerfet, diodes and amplifier.

4 Shaker amplifiers
Boards ready, only a enclosure to be mounted.
Shaker 100 internal

The capacitors and ferrite transformer.

S197 Clutch
This is the postion above the cluch where 2 of the amplifier will go. The rust comes standard with the mustang.

Installed in the Mustang.

Installation pictures
Shaker 500 mounting

The front amplifiers are mounted.

Shaker 1000 rack

Amplifiers rack for 2 amlifiers in the trunc.

Shaker 1000 TS-W3001D4

The Rear Subwoofer TS-W3001D4.

Shaker 500 TS-SW841D

The Front Subwoofer TS-SW841D