Powerled Domotica

Domotica system RGB, warm white power leds and curtain controller.


Shaker 100

Special designed for the Mustang S197 stock amplifier replacement. A 100 Watt RMS single channel amplifier.



A mirror reflects the sun into my living room as daylight lamp.


Propellor clock

Eight leds on a string powered with a VCR head motor.


Here a few of my electronic diy projects

Mood lighting project

image 1

Now it is time to replace the GU10 halogen and other old lighting techniques and start with powerleds. There are numberous powerfull warm white leds avaliable.

  • Warm white 2700K power leds, Bridgelux ES Star
  • Predefined Tri-Star LED's Luxeon Rebel
  • Automatic curtains